• Mestre Wendell seminar and Final team grading

    Mestre Wendell seminar and Final team grading

    This will Be our final grading to be done at the Mestre Wendell seminar. We would like to thanks everyone for their support throughout the years. Jiu-Jitsu never...

  • Important info

    Important info

    Nova Uniao Mississauga members  Yesterday we were notified that Vision Fitness has closed and locked their doors. They did not give us any notice and their closing is unrelated to Nova Uniao Mississauga activities, but unfortunately will have an impact on your training for the next month until our new home is ready.For the time being . We...

  • Fall In-House Tomorrow!

    Fall In-House Tomorrow!

    We will be running our fall In-House September 30th! All our inventory is on sale also. To sign up email us info@novauniaobjj.com we would like to thank George Kent homes services in Mississauga for their on going support. See you all on the...


Bomb Body Bootcamp@Nova Uniao Jiu-Jitsu!!

We are now offering Bomb Body Boot Camp’s at Nova Uniao Jiu-Jitsu Mississauga. These class will be run by Kala & Amanda De Medeiros and will include both a boxing element and circuit training-warm up/mobility, boxing/circuit training, cool down/stretching. During some of the classes they will also offer some nutrition tips and give out some...

Move of the Week- Baseball Bat Choke!

This is the move of the week shown by Professor Scott Lewis and Purple Belt Chris Pesavento. Hope you all enjoy! See you all on the...

New to Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu? Try us free!!

New to Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu? Try us free!! If you are new to Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu or have done the sport for years! Nova Uniao Jiu-Jitsu Mississauga is the place for you! We are the only Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu with 2 certified Black belts teaching full time in Mississauga. We offer kids, adults beginner and advanced/mixed classes as well as Muay Thai and boxing programs. If you are new to Brazilian...

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

We would like to wish everyone a safe and Happy Holidays!! This has been a great year for our academy. Congrats again to Daniel Tsatsos on his well deserved promotion to Black Belt. We are one if not the only School with 2 Black Belts teaching full-time in Mississauga. Thanks again to team Canada President Wagnney Fabiano for all his support this year and...

Nova Uniao Mississauga spotted abroad!

Nova Uniao Mississauga spotted abroad! When one of our members went back home to his motherland for a family vacation he had to stop in and train a little, he ended up helping some of the club members from Drill Centar Rijeka Team Kastav Jiu-Jitsu get ready for The Croatian MMA League Championship. Zoran, who always up to helping the guys get ready for their fights, had a great time. Here are...

Christmas Holiday Hours

Christmas Holiday Hours We at Nova Uniao Jiu Jitsu Mississauga would like to wish everyone a safe and happy holidays! That being said we will be running special’s on all our gear, from Gi’s & rash guards to our patches belts etc. So we will be running open mats during the Christmas Holidays but we will be closed the following day’s- December 24,25,26 and ...

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About UsNova Uniao Jiu Jitsu Mississauga was founded in March, 2012 and is run by Black Belt, Professor Scott Lewis, and Brown Belt, Daniel Tsatsos. Both Scott and Daniel have been teammates under the Brazilian Jiu Jitsu powerhouse team, Nova Uniao. Most notably, the members of this team are Jose Aldo, who is the current UFC 145lbs Champion, Renan Pegado “Barao,” current UFC 135lbs Champion, BJ Penn, former UFC Champion and World BJJ gold medal winner, BJJ champion Leo Santos, IFL Champion and WEC fighter Wagnney Fabiano, and Vitor Shaolin Ribeiro.

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