• Summer Specials!!

    Summer Specials!!

    We are running our summertime membership special for the next 2 weeks! 280.00$ cash for 3 months of Unlimited training with some of the best instructors and students in Canada! Contact us...

  • Awesome Day!

    Awesome Day!

    We had a great day yesterday! The kids spring/summer Gradings was a great success! Congrats to everyone who supported us, the kids shark tank after was awesome...

  • Kids festival Results

    Kids festival Results

    we are very proud of all our kids who competed yesterday at the Kids Brazilian Jiu-jitsu festival. We hit the podium almost every time!! Congrats to everyone for all their hard work! Our coaches -Chris Pesavento, Jason Palmer, Zoran , Daniel and Scott we are very proud of also! Next Saturday the 24th we have our kids Gradings. See you all on...


Congrats to everyone at Buckley’s MMA

Congrats to everyone at Buckley's MMA I would like to congratulate everyone at Buckley’s MMA for all the hard work they have put in this past year! It shows on the mat! After a great year and many gold medal’s the Loyal members at Buckley MMA / Nova Uniao had their year end grading’s! Their were a lot belts striped and also some new belts to add to the Ranks at...

Mark Bocek @ Nova Uniao JiuJitsu Mississauga!

  This Saturday November 23 at 12pm Nova Uniao Mississauga will be having a special No GI class taught by UFC fighter and good friend Mark Bocek. Mark is a BJJ Black belt and an amazing competitor in BJJ and MMA but is an even better instructor! There is NO extra charge for this class and it will be open to all BJJ students but we would like to try and...

Seminar November 30th @ Buckleys MMA!

On Saturday November 30th from 10:30-12:30pm Nova Uniao Jiu Jitsu Mississauga’s head instructor Professor Scott Lewis will be at Buckleys MMA doing a Gi Seminar with grading’s to follow. The cost is 25$ plus tax at the door. If you are graded up a belt level the cost is 50$ and it includes the belt and Certificate, Stripes added to your belt...

Great Event today!!

Great Event today!! I would like to congratulate everyone who took part in our In-House Tournament today! This event keeps getting better and better, their was some very outstanding techniques displayed by the competitors today, I would also like to thanks the people who helped out reffing and coaching as well as the time/score keepers. When we do these events I am always...

In-House this Saturday!

In-House this Saturday! Our ever growing kids and adult classes will be canceled this Saturday due to our In House tournament. You have until this Thursday to sign up or E mail us info@novauniaobjj.com with School, Gi,No-Gi weight and belt. This is going to be a great event with great medals and prizes!! See you all...

In House November 9th!

In House November 9th! Our team Nova Uniao Jiu Jitsu Mississauga In- house is coming up fast, So Train hard because the No-Gi part is Submission Only and No time Limit!! I would like to thank a few of our Loyal Team mates who are Sponsoring the event, First off Paul Travis from George Kent Homes services who is doing the medals and possibly a Belt for the No-Gi Champ! Also Lazo...

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About UsNova Uniao Jiu Jitsu Mississauga was founded in March, 2012 and is run by Black Belt, Professor Scott Lewis, and Brown Belt, Daniel Tsatsos. Both Scott and Daniel have been teammates under the Brazilian Jiu Jitsu powerhouse team, Nova Uniao. Most notably, the members of this team are Jose Aldo, who is the current UFC 145lbs Champion, Renan Pegado “Barao,” current UFC 135lbs Champion, BJ Penn, former UFC Champion and World BJJ gold medal winner, BJJ champion Leo Santos, IFL Champion and WEC fighter Wagnney Fabiano, and Vitor Shaolin Ribeiro.

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