• Mestre Wendell seminar and Final team grading

    Mestre Wendell seminar and Final team grading

    This will Be our final grading to be done at the Mestre Wendell seminar. We would like to thanks everyone for their support throughout the years. Jiu-Jitsu never...

  • Important info

    Important info

    Nova Uniao Mississauga members  Yesterday we were notified that Vision Fitness has closed and locked their doors. They did not give us any notice and their closing is unrelated to Nova Uniao Mississauga activities, but unfortunately will have an impact on your training for the next month until our new home is ready.For the time being . We...

  • Fall In-House Tomorrow!

    Fall In-House Tomorrow!

    We will be running our fall In-House September 30th! All our inventory is on sale also. To sign up email us info@novauniaobjj.com we would like to thank George Kent homes services in Mississauga for their on going support. See you all on the...


Pans 2017!

Pans 2017! We would like to wish all our students and instructors who are traveling to California this weekend for the 2017 Pans of Brazilian Jiu-jitsu. Leave it all on the mats!! Here are some pictures of Professor Daniel and Jason Palmer getting ready with the help of our...


Gold!!! Today Professor Wagnney Fabiano represented Team Nova União at the Abu Dhabi Pro Jiu-Jitsu trials and won his division which was the adult division. He also won the absolute, all while being over 40!!! This means that he will be competing at the main event in Abu Dhabi in April. Thank you for inspiring us all and keep up the great work!...

Master Wendell teaching this week!

Master Wendell teaching this week! Thank you to Master Wendell Alexander Cavalcante for sharing his years of knowledge with us on his 50th birthday. We are happy to announce that Master Wendell will be teaching all the day and evening classes this week. While there is no evening class Monday because of family day we will be having class at 12 instead. There will also be class at 12 on...

Great weekend!!

Great weekend!! We had a great Saturday at Nova Uniao Mississauga! A few or kids competed, we had UFC Vet Dangerous Dave Teaching our adults No-Gi today....

Boxing Tickets!

Boxing Tickets! See Prof Scott or Daniel for free tickets to this event...

Master Wendell coming soon!

Master Wendell coming soon! Nova Uniao co founder and 6th degree black belt Mestre Wendell Alexander is coming back to Canada!!! He will be teaching a GI seminar on February 18 and No GI seminar February 19 from 12-2pm both days. The cost for a one day seminar is $80 and for the two days is $140 cash. This event is open to all schools and students regardless of affiliation. Please...

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About UsNova Uniao Jiu Jitsu Mississauga was founded in March, 2012 and is run by Black Belt, Professor Scott Lewis, and Brown Belt, Daniel Tsatsos. Both Scott and Daniel have been teammates under the Brazilian Jiu Jitsu powerhouse team, Nova Uniao. Most notably, the members of this team are Jose Aldo, who is the current UFC 145lbs Champion, Renan Pegado “Barao,” current UFC 135lbs Champion, BJ Penn, former UFC Champion and World BJJ gold medal winner, BJJ champion Leo Santos, IFL Champion and WEC fighter Wagnney Fabiano, and Vitor Shaolin Ribeiro.

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